Welcome to the Service application help...

The current version of the service available for download is: 4.1.5


This application was written to support the online storage of web sites, urls etc. for users that have created a profile.
Over time, the application has been improved and additional features added.

Systray view

The program sits in the system tray of your computer and allows quick and easy access to the features of the web site portal.


The application is packaged as a self-extracting zip file.
Simply extract the files to a temporary area on your hard drive, then run the setup.exe file.

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the install.


The screenshot below shows the menu options available when the right mouse button is clicked over the system tray icon

While some of the features will work without registration, to use the full functionality, a user profile needs to be created.
Using the web site home page, use the 'Create Profile' link to begin the process.

The application currently supports the following functions (click for details):

Note: (*) denotes registered user function

Options/ Logon

Assuming that you have created an online profile, when prompted enter your user id and password in the box as shown below:

There are several options for obtaining data from the portal. The screenshot below shows what is available:

From here, you can change your username and password by clicking on the small button next to the username label.

For polling, you can poll to the site (i.e. obtain your latest links etc.) every time the application starts,
every 'x' minutes or only on demand (see the Data Update section).

Click the 'Clear Recent' button to remove the recent history list.

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Data Update

Assuming that you have created an online profile, when this option is selected the application will attempt
to connect to If an internet connection exists, validation occurs for your user profile and the links stored on the site
are downloaded to the service.

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(*) Recent Sites

I often use some of the URL's on the site more than others...and rather than look through them all, I added this little option.

This stores up to 10 of the most recent URLs launched either by the Sites option or via the URL Launch function.

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(*) Sites

Once your profile has been validated and the data downloaded from the web site, all of your online
stored URLs and their names are available for quick selection:

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Google Search

My favorite search engine...mainly because of the speed and accuracy of the searches

Enter the text that you want to search for and click...
Note: Use of '&', " etc are all supported!

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URL Launch

Need to launch a URL quickly and don't like the 'Start', 'Run' option...
Well, this is it...type the site name and away you go!!!

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(*) Mail/ Pager

Need to send a quick email/ pager but don't want to run your email package? Now you can!

Registered users of can send quick emails via the site.

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Site Visitor Count

We recently passed the 1 million visitors...and this lets you keep track of the site visitor count!

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Check For Upgrade

The application is constantly evolving so it has a built in upgrade process.

Selecting this option will show one of the following screens:

If an upgrade is available, selecting 'Yes' to the upgrade question will automatically download and install
the next revision...NO NEED TO UNINSTALL...!!!

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Online Help

Selecting this option will launch this page in your web browser (assuming that you are connected to the internet).

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Selecting this option will provide details of the version of the service that you are running.

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Simply put...this exits the application!

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